About  Us

Where it all started...  After a long battle with depression and anxiety Liz found that her love of making cards and the support of her family was a way of taking control back. After requests were made for wedding stationery from late 2012, Liz developed a passion for creating pieces and enjoyed playing a small part in such an important day in a couple’s life.   In 2013 Simply Elegant Stationery was formed with it quickly developed after a shop was opened to accommodate the increasing number of enquiries being received for appointments to view her work "in person" rather than via images.  The volume of work grew and Liz developed her own family team of "volunteers" from husband Russ, her two daughters, her mum and dad, and an “adopted sister and auntie” who together have enabled the business to grow to what it is today. 

How it grew... Working alongside family and in such a wonderful industry, where all couples and families walking through the door are happy and excited in preparing for their special day really is a dream job.  In 2014, and from the connection with weddings, Liz's daughter Jess gained experience of working in wedding venues and creating floral work, in turn she found her love of flowers and from this the business grew with Jess joining in 2016 at the young age of 19 years old.


Where we are today...  With stationery and floral work covered we became increasingly requested to design and create venue decoration, as a family business we have the passion and the drive to not only succeed in the wedding industry, but to offer the complete package for each couple from invitations through to wedding day stationery that compliment the bridal flowers, floral work and venue decoration.  In 2017 it became apparent that the “little shop” Liz opened in 2013 was no longer big enough to hold the stock required and give the work space needed to create so a “massive” jump was made into the two story building they now have, which holds a ground floor showroom, with workspace above on the first floor and has it’s own customer car park…. There started Simply Elegant Weddings & Events!

Where we are going... The youngest member of our family Abbie, whilst still at college, has found her love of photography, has assisted photographer’s on shoots and in their studio.  Abbie is the one we thank for the images taken of our work and is setting her goal on a studio of her own.


The process of achieving what we have to date is based on sheer determination and hard work and with there being no financial support available to us in our area a massive adjustment in our family life (beans on toast and pot noddles being a favourite with us)…. but the reward of involvement in such a beautiful industry is well worth the blood, sweat and tears!  So all we have left to say is "watch this space".....